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We have a right to a safe community.

It is our responsibility to build it.

Ko te tika, kia noho tātau ki raro i te maru o te kākahu tiaki tangata. Ma tātou anō hei rāranga kia oti.


Baches to Beautiful Homes

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Baches to Beautiful Homes is a fundraiser held every two years, with proceeds going towards a number of initiatives, such as:

  • Media campaigns - including Its Not Ok Relationship Quiz, Blow the Whistle (violence on the sports field) and Child Protection.
  • Information stalls at Our Neighbourhood events, School Gala days, Prevention First Expo and Health and Safety days etc.
  • Tane Ora & Wa Hina Ora - anti violence programmes, promoting positive behaviour and wellness in Taupo and Turangi.
  • Billboard Campaign highlighting the effects of alcohol and family violence on children.
  • Support for Taupo Violence Intervention Network with ongoing awareness raising activities and production of local resources.

For more information, visit the website.